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Vinyl siding is a popular option for homes, and it’s easy to see why. It looks great, doesn’t rot or warp like wood siding does, and requires little maintenance. But how often do you clean them?

Cleaning your vinyl siding is important. They face wear-and-tear with regular exposure to weather elements like sun, rain, and snow. If you’re looking for the best ways to clean them, consider these options:

#1 Traditional Wash Cloth

A traditional washcloth is a good option for siding that doesn’t have stickers or black streaks. You can clean this type of siding effectively by using warm soapy water and a washcloth, which usually gets rid of most marks if it isn’t too dirty.

For siding with black streaks, you’ll need to get on your hands and knees and really scrub it down using warm soapy water, which will have more effective results than just a washcloth.

If your vinyl siding is starting to look a little green, bleach may be an excellent option; however, it can also induce irreversible color change in your home in many cases. Another method for cleaning your vinyl siding is to use vinegar and water. Just be careful not to wash them too close to your plants since it might harm them.

#2 Low-Pressure Washing Cleaner

Cleaning your siding yourself may work on some occasions, but it can be a tedious task. It takes hours of scrubbing before the siding starts looking good again! On top of it all, most vinyl siders are not cleaned regularly due to how difficult they are to access without professional help.

Hiring a Low-pressure washing cleaner is better and more effective. It’s a great option for siding that has been dirtied by stickers, bugs, or any other type of organic matter without causing any damage to the siding color or surface.

Low pressure is generally enough to clean most of your vinyl siding, but the ability to alter the water pressure depending on your need is also beneficial. It’s always recommended that you start with low pressure and increase it as necessary to get the most out of the pressure washer experience.

Some companies are specialized in offering exterior home cleaning services, like window and siding cleaning. You can look for siding cleaning in Waconia MN, to get your home taken care of by an expert in no time!

The Assistance You Need In Waconia Mn

Traditional methods using a washcloth and bucket full of water are time-consuming and hard on the hands. If you live in Waconia, MN, then we recommend hiring a professional siding cleaner instead!

In Wayne’s Home Services, we have specialized equipment to offer window and siding cleaning services as easy as 1-2-3 with no need for you to be scrubbing or getting dirty at all!

Stop looking further for your siding cleaning in Waconia, MN; our professionals will save you money and time.

It’s time for the leaves to change colors and the air to get chilly. Fall is in full swing, and this is one of the best times to get your home in shape. Simply make a checklist and start crossing things off!

If you are still wondering where can you start, here are some tips on how you can prepare your Minneapolis home this Fall:

  • Clean Out Gutters

Gutters help to keep everything dry in your home by diverting water away from the foundation. When gutter channels are clogged, it adds unnecessary weight and prevents rainwater drainage, which can lead to roof damage and water leaks inside your house.

If you don’t clean out gutters this Fall, there’s a big chance that they will overflow and cause water damage to your home. For gutter cleaning in Minneapolis, you can always turn to experts.

  • Power Wash All Surfaces

A pressure washer can help you get rid of all the dirt and grime accumulated on your home surfaces. Also, it removes dead algae and vegetation from decks and patios, which protects them against rotting.

Keeping your home exterior pressure washed is essential, from sidewalks, patios, and the driveway. It’s good to maintain them as clean as possible all year round, especially once colder weather starts approaching. Look for pressure washing in Minneapolis.

  • Tackle Those Windows

Allergies are most likely to strike at any time of seasonal change. Airborne allergens may accumulate in windows and window screens, making you and your family more susceptible to catching a cold if they are left unscreened. 

If you’re looking for Minneapolis window cleaning services, hire experts to ensure that the job is done right. They’re familiar with all of the best methods to keep your windows clean.

A Quick Solution To Get Your Home Ready

You might feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. The pressure might get too high, which is why it’s good to ask for help from a local provider who can do all the work you need in one day.

At Wayne’s Home Services, we specialize in all exterior cleaning services, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning. We’ll finish the work fast without compromising quality.

It’s finally time to put away the gardening tools and break out the window cleaner. Fall is a great time to start giving your home’s exterior some TLC. Windows are an integral part of any residential property, and they have a huge effect on curb appeal. In addition, most homeowners don’t realize how much dirt accumulates on their window panes throughout the year.

Washing your windows right now is beneficial for both your home’s appearance and health, yes! Your health too! Here we share with you 4 reasons why you should consider window cleaning your home this season.

Prevent Colds

Did you know that exterior window cleaning can prevent colds? Yes! This might seem surprising, but allergens and mold are most likely to build upon exterior windows during the fall season, making exterior window cleaning important for your health, especially if you have allergies or asthma.

Kill Viruses And Bacteria

Dirt, dust, pollen, and mold can all gather on exterior window surfaces, as well as viruses and bacteria. However, when your windows are kept clean, it will help to repel them. Your family will thank you for keeping them safe from illnesses.

Increase Curb Appeal

When it comes to making a good impression or marketing a house in the fall, curb appeal is key! Homeowners spend more time at home during this season, and they take notice of their exterior surroundings much more than during the warmer months.

Deliver a first impression that makes your home stand out from others on the street or in your neighborhood! Give your guests or potential buyers an unforgettable experience with clean windows during the fall.

You’ll Save Time Later 

It takes very little effort to clean your windows now, so you have less work ahead of you! Especially if you are selling or preparing for a holiday gathering, it can be done in just one day. When leaves start falling and dirt starts building up on the panes, you’ll be glad that you took the time to clean them now.

Keep Your Home Safe And Sound This Fall

Fall is just around the corner, but window washing is available right now! Don’t let exterior dirt and grime ruin the exterior of your home. If you are looking for window cleaning in Minneapolis and surrounding areas at Wayne’s Home Services, we will keep your home safe and sound. We solve any window cleaning problem.

Get a quote on window washing in Minneapolis or other cleaning and maintenance services for your home, business, or investment property.

During winter, it is common to spot snowfall during the whole season in some states, such as in Minnesota, for example. As regular snowfalls make snow accumulate in almost any exterior area of your property, so does it in your roofing system. This is where the risky situation takes place.

Freeze and thaw cycles are the ones that create ice dams to form, and usually, an easy way to spot ice dams is in your roofing system. Keep reading to take a look at some advantages and disadvantages you can get with a de-icing cable when the temperature drops and tries to block and ruin your roofing system. 

How De-icing Cables Work

When it comes to ice dams on your roofing systems, de-icing cables are the most effective solution to avoid the chance of ruining your roof. These De-icing cables are fastened into position over the eaves and within the gutters. As they output regulated heat, they prevent melted snow from refreezing into your gutter system or any drainage system in your property and allows your roofing system to free its drainage. 

Benefits You Can Get With Deicing Cables

Besides keeping pipes from freezing and keeping your gutter and roofs ice and snow-free, well-installed roof and gutter de-icing cables in Minneapolis won’t have a dramatic visual change to your property. Instead, they will melt the ice around them to provide the proper space for water drainage. Although ice dams may still form in different parts of your roof, they won’t block your roof’s protection elements. 

Another great advantage of de-icing cables is that you won’t take the risk of having to spend thousands on roof repair and damage to your property if your roofs get penetrated due to ice dams. Roof de-icing cables come in multiple forms, including ice tape that is a self-adhesive coil.


Sometimes there is a wrong perception when it comes to de-icing cables. They are specially used to free up your roof’s drainage systems to prevent accumulation and water damage into your roof’s structure and your property. Although it can increase your electric bill a little, you will be protected from any potential damage to the structure of your roof, thus saving you money in the long run. 

Gutter De-Icing And Ice Dam Removal in Minneapolis

When looking for an ice dam removal solution in Minneapolis, Wayne’s Home Service got you covered with gutter de-icing in Minneapolis. There is nothing better than having a secured and protected roofing system every season. Increase your property’s safety before winter with Wayne’s Home Service and boost the benefits you can get with de-icing cables by hiring a professional and reliable company to handle your ice dam removal needs. 

Windows are also one important element in your property maintenance. Clean windows also improve the overall clean look of your property. Having clean windows reflects your property’s well-maintained condition and also provides natural daylight to penetrate your property in the desired way.

Window cleaning goes beyond just providing your house a clean look. But it also extends and prevents window damage and early signs of issues. Having a professional window cleaning company to assist your cleaning needs will ensure that everything is working properly. Please keep reading to learn more about the importance of window cleaning and why it is necessary to hire this service from such professionals.

Recognize Existing Damage

Professional window cleaners have an eye for window damage detection that you may didn’t noticed. Detecting this damage can help you prevent any further damage. For example, professionals can detect if your screens are not fit correctly and if sills have rot or some damage. 

Cleaning Products and Equipment

When hiring professional window washing services, they use the proper cleaning products that may vary a lot from the ones you can be using. Not all glass is the same, so you need to make sure you’re using the right solvents. A professional will also inform you of the products you should be using when cleaning yourself. 

Professionals can also remove any insects that probably have built their nests between storm windows or behind the shutters. 

Identify Any Cause of Damage

When hiring professionals, they also can identify if something is causing spots or stains in your glass. In some cases, mulch in your yard can be a potential candidate for window damage as it may contain fungus. Professionals can determine and guide you to prevent further damage

Benefits of Window Washing

  • Enhance your home’s appearance
  • Extends your windows lifetime 
  • Eliminate mold from your home
  • Prevent insects and pests 
  • Discover window problems early
  • Homes safety

Window Washing Services in Minneapolis and Waconia, MN

If looking for a professional window cleaning company for your home, then Wayne’s Home Service is the ideal choice to ensure the protection and appearance of your home. Wayne’s offers professional window cleaning services for commercial and residential properties based in Minneapolis and Waconia, MN. Learn more about the #1 window cleaning company and start providing the protection your property deserves.

A selling process can take so much time before receiving a good offer for your property once it’s on the market. Still, it also takes time because of important things to consider before putting your home on the market. This selling process can be stressful if you don’t know how to handle it and what to do to receive the desired offer for your residential property.

As a homeowner, It is necessary to ensure that many elements of your property are in good condition to provide the right potential for your property to be on the market for sale. That is why here, you’ll learn five important things that will increase your property’s potential before going on the market. 

Clean Your Windows

For example, whether you’re looking to sell your house in Minneapolis, MN, or Waconia, MN, you need to make sure that you hire window cleaning services to enhance your property’s appeal. Shiny and clean windows provide a clean look and also reflect that your property is in good condition. Windows always play an important role in the real estate industry, so you better take care of that before putting your property on the market.

Clean Your Gutters

Having gutter cleaning services as part of your property maintenance before putting it on the market is a great way to improve your property’s condition. Gutters are one of the most important elements of a roofing system. They are in charge of providing the proper water drainage your property needs. Cleaning your gutters will ensure a good overall condition of your selling property.  

Pressure Washing

Suppose your property has grit or grime accumulation in any exterior area. In that case, you should also consider hiring pressure washing services to make your home look fresh and clean before jumping on the market. A professional pressure washing service can make a new whole transformation to your property. This can help you catch the attention of many potential homebuyers when they pass by your home. 

Paint Your Walls

Painting your walls will also provide a new and improved appearance to your property. Go with neutral colors that are more likely to catch a potential homebuyer’s attention. 

Find a Trustworthy Realtor

Sometimes finding the right real estate agent can be hard, so in order to get the right fit for you, you should interview more than one and ask about their experience in your area.

Professional Cleaning Services in Minneapolis & Waconia, MN

If looking for residential cleaning services in the Minneapolis or Waconia areas, Wayne’s Home Service is a professional and reliable company that will assist you in ensuring your property looks perfect before putting it on the market. They offer top-quality cleaning services such as pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning services to provide your property with the best appearance it deserves. Learn more about their cleaning services.

DIY pressure washing is a complicated cleaning method when doing without previous experience. You may find some disadvantages, and you will be exposed to potential risks. Worth mentioning, not all surfaces need the same amount of pressure volume, and you can damage your furniture if using the incorrect method. 

You will have to rent or buy expensive power washing machines with various jets and extensions to help you get into higher places. A small pressure washing machine may need more equipment, and ladders are not an option. Find out some potentially dangerous situations that can arise in some circumstances. 

Potential Risks of DIY Pressure Washing 

  • Physical Damage

People usually underestimate the power of a pressure washing machine and tend to believe it is like a big garden hose and it is not. Maintaining the balance when using it is complicated, so is the chance of a runway hose. Even when using boots or gloves, it can cause physical injuries striping away your skin. 

Also, something important to know is that if you have cut yourself and decide to continue using your pressure washer; chemicals from the machine can easily be transmitted into the bloodstream, which will eventually cause you another serious problem. Other types of physical injuries may be abrasion, blindness and among other injuries. 

  • Electrical Damage: 

Power meters or any electrical cable on the zone should not contact the water; these devices have coverings, but they will probably crack. Eventually, water will contact the systems, resulting in electric shocks and fire in the worst circumstances. 

  • Furniture Damage: 

There are some things and spaces in your home that are not recommended for a power washer. Those are windows, lights, shingles, or bricks. If you touch those for any circumstance, you may break them, resulting in expensive repairs. Also, they will fall out from their places, which increases the amount of damaged furniture or even harm you or others around.

Better Hire a Professional Like Wayne´s Home Service! 

Wayne’s Home Services has over 10 years of experience allowing us to perform the job without any inconvenience. We are equipped and insured, which protects us from any external situation. We are compromised on delivering excellence and exceeding results expectations for our clients. We offer pressure washing services in Minneapolis to clean all your sidings, decks, fences, walkways, patios, and driveways. Let us do the work for you!

Pressure washing or power washing services are designed to spray water on volumes of gallons or liters per minute. You have to manage the volume and method according to the type of surfaces you will wash. Find out which are the things or places that you should never pressure wash. 

  • Power Meters: 

Although these artifacts usually have metal covers or transparent glasses that protect them from sleet, snow, or rain. These covers will crack with the machine’s high pressure and eventually damage the electric system, resulting in expensive repairs. 

  • Asphalt Roof: 

The pressure of the machines destroys the asphalt shingles removing granules of the roof and causing leaks. The leaks cause serious damage throughout the house, from structural damages to health illnesses due to mold and mildew.  

  • Gutters: 

The gutter’s structures are not ready to receive the powerful pressure of a power washer machine, which will lead them to fall off the house and damage the downspout. You may better clean them by hand. 

  • Brick Walls: 

Chipped and crumbling bricks and mortars should be avoided by pressure washing. Even if the machine can be regulated, it is unknown if those pieces of the wall will resist the pressure. It may potentially end up in structural damages. 

  • Lights: 

Glass, panes, or bulbs are usually not resistant to pressure, and it is worse with water because even if those are not cracked, they will seep through the internal electrical components. You better not try under any circumstance to clean them with power washing machines. 

  • Air Conditioners: 

These systems have metal fins covers that filter the air; the power washing machines may bend or crush them, decreasing or completely restricting the airflow into the unit. You may consider using a garden hose instead. 

  • Lead Paint: 

Lead paint is toxic and dangerous; pressure washing may damage, crack, and strip the paint. Which means that paint particles will fly through the air. It is risky for you to breathe it, and the disaster will surround all the area. 

  • Windows: 

Glass surfaces are not recommended at all due to the high volume of pressure that the machines have. It may break them and send the glass flying, the water into your house, and damaging infrastructure in the process.

Hire Wayne´s Home Service and Avoid Damages! 

We are a professional company located in Minnesota; we count on the knowledge, experience, and proper equipment to perform pressure washing correctly at any surface. We know how to avoid damaging those delicate things of your exteriors. We will take care of everything and guarantee you outstanding service and results.