First Time Customers: What to Expect

What to expect day of service

  • A team will call you when they are on there way and give you a eta.( or leave a message)
  • A crew leader will go over what you want done and maybe any additional services that you may want to add.
  • If you are not going to be home the day of services a Team leader will inform you when they will be there and tell you when they leave.
  • When job is completed a Team leader will go over job with the homeowner.


Window Cleaning Services

  • Window cleaning in/out we start inside and work our way outside so the homeowner could leave after the inside is completed if they choose (will need access to inside of home).
  • Window cleaning out only we start from top to bottom.
  • Screen cleaning we wipe down screen/frames with a wet towel.
  • All window cleaning includes wiping of frames and sills inside/outside. (track and jambs are a additional charge)


Gutter Cleaning Services

  • Gutter cleaning is done by blowing out gutter with leaf blowers and cleaning up debris when completed.
  • We clean gutters by hand if your roof is NOT walk-able and we put debris in buckets and put in a yard waste bag.
  • Water must be on to flush out downspouts (all gutter cleanings include this).
  • There may be a fee to take debris with a crew or we can dispose debris in your woods or put in a compost pile if you have one.
  • We can also leave the bags there for you to dispose for free.


Pressure Washing Services

  • Water needs to be turned on to do any pressure washing.
  • We start from top to bottom cleaning dirt, grime, mold and more by using high pressure water and organic cleaning agents.
  • All pressure washers have different variables of pressure to ensure a good cleaning and to not harm any surfaces, siding, stucco or decks.


Gutter Cover Services

  • We start by cleaning out your gutters and flushing out gutters and downspouts (all gutter cover jobs get a free gutter cleaning).
  • We then install covers to fit your gutters making sure no debris can get into gutters


Heated Cable De-Icing Systems Installation

  • We clear off roof of snow and ice in the areas installing the heat cable.
  • Some cases we need to steam areas of ice build up to install correctly (steaming is an additional charge).
  • IF you are having de-icing system hardwired a electrician will need access to your home and your electrical box.
  • All de-icing systems come with a 2 year warranty.


Ice Dam Removal / Steaming / Roof Snow Removal Services

  • We remove all snow in the areas using a roof rake or broom or shovel.
  • We use a low pressure steamer to ensure there is no damage to roof/home.
  • We free the gutters of ice and snow in the areas of the steaming is taking place.
  • If we are removing snow off roof only we use roof rakes to remove as much snow as possible in the areas the homeowner wants done.


Hard-To-Reach Areas Cleaning Services

  • We use environmental cleaning agents for hard to reach areas.
  • We will need access to your home if project is inside your home.
  • We use ladders for all hard to reach areas.
  • Including Chandelier, Light Fixtures Cleaning.


Rain or Weather Issues

  • If it is going to rain the day of service its up to the homeowner if they would like it done that day.
  • If you decide not to due it that day we can reschedule your job on a better day that works for you but in most cases it’s not the next day.
  • If it is lighting and a downpour the team leader has the ability to call off job. SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY.
  • If you can’t do the services that day please contact office and let them know by calling or a email so we can reschedule.