Power Washing

Power washing your home’s exterior is a great way to revitalize the look of your home. See results quickly as we take years of dirt and grime away from sidings & exteriors, decks & fences, walkways & patios, and driveways.

We use a high-quality, commercial pressure washer system, with the added ability to use heated water, and environmentally safe, commercial cleaning solvents. A variety of jets and extensions allow our equipment to safely and effectively clean even hard to reach places. We are able to reduce water pressure when needed to protect sensitive surfaces, and focus the water pressure when we need maximum cleaning power.

Pressure Washing Options Include

  • High-powered, cold-water pressure wash
  • High-powered, hot-water pressure wash (hot water source required)
  • Pressure wash + environmentally safe cleaning solvent
  • Low-pressure washing + hand scrubbing

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Before & After Power Washing Treatment on Cedar Deck