Get Rid of Ice Dams with Wayne’s Home Service in Minneapolis!

During winter, excess snowfalls accumulate and also create icicles or ice dams. As it may be nice to look at, it isn’t for your roof. Ice dams become so destructive as they form due to the potential damage they can cause to your roof. So snow-covered roofs and freezing weather are not good for your roof’s protection during the season.

At Wayne’s Home Service, we have the most effective solution to help you take off unwanted ice blockages from your roof and provide the proper gutter and drainage system it needs. Our roof and gutter de-icing cables will handle the situation for you to stay safe and sound during the whole season. 


The Negative Effects of Ice Dams

Ice dams can have multiple negative effects besides just causing water to back up and penetrate your home. They cause your gutters to tear off, loosen shingles, peel paint, warped floors, soggy insulation in case of an attic which later becomes a mold and mildew magnet, and much more. 

Get Rid of Ice Dams Fast

Getting rid of ice dams in the most effective way has never been easier than installing heated cables, also known as de-icing cables, on your roof’s edge and gutters. This effective solution will help your roof equalize its temperature by heating it from the outside and melting any blockage or ice dams in your gutter system and roof drainage.

The faster your drainage systems free up, the less the chances of roof damage. As ice dams form, water starts to penetrate your attic and finds its way into your property by damaging your roof’s structure and different elements inside your property. 

Roof And Gutter De-Icing in Minneapolis 

Boost your roof’s protection this winter with the most effective solution of ice dam removal in Minneapolis. At Wayne’s Home Services, we know there’s nothing better than feeling at peace and feeling safe during cold seasons. That’s why we offer you de-icing cables in Minneapolis to keep your roof and drainage system protected from any ice blockages.

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