Snow, Ice Dam & Gutter Ice Removal in Edina, MN

Snow, Ice Dam & Gutter Ice Removal in Edina, MN

Would you like help to remove ice dams, gutter ice and roof snow from your home in Edina?

Between snow accumulation and ice dam formation, Minnesota winters are often a major challenge for roofs to endure. If gutters freeze and ice dams form on the edges of roofs, it can result in excess snow piling up, creating leaks and risking structural damage. To prevent too much ice and snow from accumulating on your roof, get help from an ice dam removal team in Edina.


Professional Snow & Ice Dam Removal Experts

Wayne’s Home Services is proud to serve as an effective and affordable roof snow, ice dam and gutter ice removal provider in Edina. Our experts use roof rakes and low-pressure steamers to safely remove snow and ice from your roof and gutters without the risk of causing damage.

After ice dams have been removed, our specialists will follow up by installing deicing cables in your gutters and across your roof so that ice dams won’t be able to form and snow will melt more quickly. Our deicing cables will keep your gutters flowing no matter how cold it gets, safely redirecting snowmelt away from your home. We provide a two year warranty guaranteeing the efficacy of our deicing services in Edina.


Edina’s First Choice Ice Dam Removal Company

Roof snow removal and deicing solutions will save your roof from months of strain under piling snow. Get in touch with Wayne’s Home Services today for the best ice dam, roof snow and gutter ice removal services in the Edina area!