Power Washing Services in Minneapolis, MN

Do you remember the last time you cleaned the exterior surfaces of your home? Or you feel that your home has lost its brighter look, and instead, you look at stains, mold, or mildew on your exteriors; well, if that’s the case you need Wayne’s Home Services power washing services in Minneapolis, MN. The process is a makeover for your house without needing long-term services such as painting or renovations. 

Wayne´s Home Service refreshes the appearance and design of your home, increasing its value and protecting your family and pets from getting sick due to dirt buildup. Our power washing services remove years of tough grime quickly and without damage. You can see results on sidings & exteriors, decks & fences, walkways & patios, and driveways in one single visit. 

Considering DIY Power Washing?

For someone busy, DIY power washing is very time-consuming, and could end up being an expensive, and risky chore. You need to have the appropriate skills or at least previous experience to understand how to use the equipment. Worth mentioning that each surface can only handle a certain level of pressure in order to not cause damage. 

At Wayne´s Home Service, we provide qualified professional pressure washing services. We count on all the necessary equipment to perform the job and understand all parts of your surface’s needs. We are fully insured, and we guarantee there won’t be any damage to your property. You may regret doing it yourself if you already bought or rented equipment and do not fulfill your expectations.

Choose to Power Wash With Us! 

Our pressure washing system can use heated water with environmentally friendly cleaning solvents, which allows us to protect your exteriors’ sensitive surfaces. With our carefully pressure washing techniques, we prevent your surfaces from receiving any further damage. Pressure washing will keep you and your family healthy by eliminating mold and mildew buildup on your property. 

We want you to save money and time on cleanings or repairs that will not exceed your expectations. Wayne´s Home Service is ready to make an unbelievable change to your home or commercial properties, as well as provide you excellent customer service. Our team will do its best to understand your needs and breathe life into all of your surfaces.