Residential Window Cleaning Services In Bloomington, MN

House windows are our protective barrier from the outside world, and very much like reading glasses, stains and dirt will diminish the quality of our surroundings’ appreciation. Having dirty windows not only affects our 20/20 vision, but it also will shorten the life of your window glasses, frames, jambs, and seals.

In addition, windows being the first barrier from outside health hazards, especially in times of COVID-19, a clean surface will prevent the adhesion of pathogens that endanger our loved one’s well-being. Here lies the main reason for looking for professional help and having them thoroughly clean even the hardest-to-reach windows. 

Wayne’s Home Services is an excellent solution for your residential window cleaning needs. Go ahead and contact us today for a free quote. You will find out how affordable our integral cleaning services are. 

Wayne’s Home Services – Who We Are

Wayne’s Home Service has 10+ years of experience providing numerous services like gutter cleaning, power washing, and window cleaning in Bloomington, MN, to mention some of them. We specialize in hard-to-reach windows in commercial and residential properties, such as homes and apartments, office buildings, and investment properties. 

We have a known reputation for quick responses and our professional-grade cleaning. Our team is fully capable of handling most projects and is adequately equipped with tools, cleaning supplies, and necessary equipment. 

Residential Window Cleaning Services

We offer complete residential window cleaning services that will enhance and extend the life of your windows. As previously stated, when periodical maintenance is not done, it reduces the estimated life span of the window’s components. 

Our residential window cleaning services are: 

  • Complete window cleaning (inside and outside).
  • Cleaning the entire exterior pane of glass.
  • Cleaning storm windows and screens. 
  • Window frames, jams, hardware, and seals.

Our service range of prices is 100% customizable and depends on the number of windows, location, size, and type.

Contact the Best, Wayne’s Home Service

After mentioning the wide range of services we provide regarding window cleaning in Bloomington, MN, we can guarantee that our window cleaning expertise will leave your household looking clean and clear. 

Look no further and contact us today. We can grant you a free quote for regular cleaning to the full inside and outside residential window cleaning service at Wayne’s Home Service.