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Molds and cyanobacteria like Gloeocapsa magma often manifest as discoloration or black streaks on roof shingles, with the potential to create green or patchy appearances. This issue is exacerbated on north-facing roof sections, asphalt shingles, older roofs, and roofs prone to ice dams and improper gutter flow. If you want to have your roof cleaned without the risk of damage and leaks, work with a roof cleaning company in Excelsior that uses soft wash techniques.

Top-Notch Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Wayne’s Home Services specializes in soft wash roof cleaning services in Excelsior to address the persistent issues caused by mold, bacteria, and grime. Our specialists understand the unique challenges posed by the local climate, where extreme temperatures and ice dam formation create ideal conditions for the rapid spread of these unsightly growths. Our team recognizes the need for a delicate approach to roof cleaning in Excelsior and utilizes a soft wash process.

Unlike high-pressure water jets that could cause unintended wear to roofing materials, this method is gentle yet highly effective. We also exclusively use eco-friendly cleaning products to prevent causing any harm to the local ecosystem. Beyond restoring your roof’s curb appeal, soft wash roof cleaning can extend the longevity of your roof by 5-10 years.

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