The Pros and Cons of Roof Deicing Cables

During winter, it is common to spot snowfall during the whole season in some states, such as in Minnesota, for example. As regular snowfalls make snow accumulate in almost any exterior area of your property, so does it in your roofing system. This is where the risky situation takes place.

Freeze and thaw cycles are the ones that create ice dams to form, and usually, an easy way to spot ice dams is in your roofing system. Keep reading to take a look at some advantages and disadvantages you can get with a de-icing cable when the temperature drops and tries to block and ruin your roofing system. 

How De-icing Cables Work

When it comes to ice dams on your roofing systems, de-icing cables are the most effective solution to avoid the chance of ruining your roof. These De-icing cables are fastened into position over the eaves and within the gutters. As they output regulated heat, they prevent melted snow from refreezing into your gutter system or any drainage system in your property and allows your roofing system to free its drainage. 

Benefits You Can Get With Deicing Cables

Besides keeping pipes from freezing and keeping your gutter and roofs ice and snow-free, well-installed roof and gutter de-icing cables in Minneapolis won’t have a dramatic visual change to your property. Instead, they will melt the ice around them to provide the proper space for water drainage. Although ice dams may still form in different parts of your roof, they won’t block your roof’s protection elements. 

Another great advantage of de-icing cables is that you won’t take the risk of having to spend thousands on roof repair and damage to your property if your roofs get penetrated due to ice dams. Roof de-icing cables come in multiple forms, including ice tape that is a self-adhesive coil.


Sometimes there is a wrong perception when it comes to de-icing cables. They are specially used to free up your roof’s drainage systems to prevent accumulation and water damage into your roof’s structure and your property. Although it can increase your electric bill a little, you will be protected from any potential damage to the structure of your roof, thus saving you money in the long run. 

Gutter De-Icing And Ice Dam Removal in Minneapolis

When looking for an ice dam removal solution in Minneapolis, Wayne’s Home Service got you covered with gutter de-icing in Minneapolis. There is nothing better than having a secured and protected roofing system every season. Increase your property’s safety before winter with Wayne’s Home Service and boost the benefits you can get with de-icing cables by hiring a professional and reliable company to handle your ice dam removal needs.