DIY pressure washing is a complicated cleaning method when doing without previous experience. You may find some disadvantages, and you will be exposed to potential risks. Worth mentioning, not all surfaces need the same amount of pressure volume, and you can damage your furniture if using the incorrect method. 

You will have to rent or buy expensive power washing machines with various jets and extensions to help you get into higher places. A small pressure washing machine may need more equipment, and ladders are not an option. Find out some potentially dangerous situations that can arise in some circumstances. 

Potential Risks of DIY Pressure Washing 

  • Physical Damage

People usually underestimate the power of a pressure washing machine and tend to believe it is like a big garden hose and it is not. Maintaining the balance when using it is complicated, so is the chance of a runway hose. Even when using boots or gloves, it can cause physical injuries striping away your skin. 

Also, something important to know is that if you have cut yourself and decide to continue using your pressure washer; chemicals from the machine can easily be transmitted into the bloodstream, which will eventually cause you another serious problem. Other types of physical injuries may be abrasion, blindness and among other injuries. 

  • Electrical Damage: 

Power meters or any electrical cable on the zone should not contact the water; these devices have coverings, but they will probably crack. Eventually, water will contact the systems, resulting in electric shocks and fire in the worst circumstances. 

  • Furniture Damage: 

There are some things and spaces in your home that are not recommended for a power washer. Those are windows, lights, shingles, or bricks. If you touch those for any circumstance, you may break them, resulting in expensive repairs. Also, they will fall out from their places, which increases the amount of damaged furniture or even harm you or others around.

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Pressure washing or power washing services are designed to spray water on volumes of gallons or liters per minute. You have to manage the volume and method according to the type of surfaces you will wash. Find out which are the things or places that you should never pressure wash. 

  • Power Meters: 

Although these artifacts usually have metal covers or transparent glasses that protect them from sleet, snow, or rain. These covers will crack with the machine’s high pressure and eventually damage the electric system, resulting in expensive repairs. 

  • Asphalt Roof: 

The pressure of the machines destroys the asphalt shingles removing granules of the roof and causing leaks. The leaks cause serious damage throughout the house, from structural damages to health illnesses due to mold and mildew.  

  • Gutters: 

The gutter’s structures are not ready to receive the powerful pressure of a power washer machine, which will lead them to fall off the house and damage the downspout. You may better clean them by hand. 

  • Brick Walls: 

Chipped and crumbling bricks and mortars should be avoided by pressure washing. Even if the machine can be regulated, it is unknown if those pieces of the wall will resist the pressure. It may potentially end up in structural damages. 

  • Lights: 

Glass, panes, or bulbs are usually not resistant to pressure, and it is worse with water because even if those are not cracked, they will seep through the internal electrical components. You better not try under any circumstance to clean them with power washing machines. 

  • Air Conditioners: 

These systems have metal fins covers that filter the air; the power washing machines may bend or crush them, decreasing or completely restricting the airflow into the unit. You may consider using a garden hose instead. 

  • Lead Paint: 

Lead paint is toxic and dangerous; pressure washing may damage, crack, and strip the paint. Which means that paint particles will fly through the air. It is risky for you to breathe it, and the disaster will surround all the area. 

  • Windows: 

Glass surfaces are not recommended at all due to the high volume of pressure that the machines have. It may break them and send the glass flying, the water into your house, and damaging infrastructure in the process.

Hire Wayne´s Home Service and Avoid Damages! 

We are a professional company located in Minnesota; we count on the knowledge, experience, and proper equipment to perform pressure washing correctly at any surface. We know how to avoid damaging those delicate things of your exteriors. We will take care of everything and guarantee you outstanding service and results.

When you hear “professional window cleaning services,” you’re not picturing a regular person doing cleaning with a rag or leaving a poorly done job. A professional window cleaning service is a set of characteristics fundamental to a customer’s perception of quality service.

Regardless of residential window cleaning or commercial window cleaning, a professional in this field will have the absolute best quality and adequate tools that will allow their staff to develop their tasks efficiently. While also safeguarding their integrity and guaranteeing the proper, thorough cleansing a customer expects. 

Here’s what you need to know on what a professional window cleaner must have in their toolbox.


What Should Be In A Professional Window Cleaning Tool Kit?

A professional window cleaning tool kit becomes necessary when the job is required to be done under certain conditions that may expose the worker to heights or an extensive window area to clean. 

What’s in your toolbox will make a difference in being cost-effective, efficient, safety and quality when it comes to both residential window cleaning and commercial window cleaning.

Here is a list of essential tools that you will need to jump-start your window cleaning services: 

  • Safety harness and garments
  • Ladders
  • Buckets and cleaning supplies
  • Cloths
  • Tool Belt 
  • Scrapper 
  • T-Bars with sleeves
  • Duster with an extension pole 
  • Squeegees 

A specialized window cleaning team is equipped with proper professional tools to develop their tasks. Ensuring safety protocols in every activity to take on and providing overall an excellent service to both home and business owners of town cities Minnesota. 

Get A Free Quote From An Expert – Wayne’s Home Service

If you are looking for a trusted expert to take the burden off window cleaning, Wayne’s Home Service can answer your inquiries and provide you with a free quote, so you can get an idea of how affordable and agile our service can be. 

Again, if you require a quote and are in the town cities Minnesota area, we are at your service and can provide all of the services mentioned above. Give us a call today.