Hard-To-Reach Cleaning Tips For Busy People

A clean home is always happy, but our happiness can be interrupted by sneezing & coughing caused by dust in hard-to-reach areas. Unsightly spider webs & build-up dirt occur when we neglect the hard-to-reach areas at home. You and your family can benefit from reducing the dust that can trigger allergies & asthma. 

This blog post will share with you some tips to ease cleaning these areas. Whether your job keeps you from taking proper care of your home or you don’t know how to, this blog post can help you achieve results efficiently.

Hard-To-Reach Cleaning Made Easy

Air Vents

Relying on your HVAC maintenance can cause clogged air vents over time. Use a damp microfiber wipe or a sponge soaked in water/vinegar (2 parts water – 1 Part vinegar) mixture and remove the dust & dirt.

Sliding Doors & Windows Tracks

Sliding doors & window tracks can accumulate vast amounts of dust & dirt. To get it clean, we recommend using a vacuum & crevice tool for it. If you do not have an appropriate tool, you can improvise using a toilet paper carton roll. Shape it to fit the crevices and remove as much dust as possible.

Once vacuumed, use warm water & dish soap and pour it into the tracks. Scrub thoroughly utilizing a toothbrush and rinse it off. Use a dry microfiber cloth to remove the remaining water & moist.

Behind The Toilet

This area is one of the most neglected spaces at home and particularly one of the most difficult to rehabilitate. Using a dry stiff brush lose the hardened particles of dust, dirt, dry soap, & soil and vacuum it. Then use warm water & storebought floor brush thoroughly and repeat this process at least once a week until you get the desired results.

Window Blinds

Getting your window blinds cleaned is not as easy as it might seem. Your blinds can build up dirt faster than other interior areas. Remember to clean both sites of the slats. You can grab a pair of kitchen tongs or a similarly shaped object and wrap a microfibre cloth around them. Slide the tong along each slat and ensure you wipe away all the dust

Ceiling Fans & Hanging Features

The hanging features on your home are not as challenging to clean as they might seem. However, this can vary depending on its height & how well installed it’s. Using an extendable handle, make sure to dust it off. You can also wrap a microfiber cloth around the blades and remove dust. Sweep the floor beneath your hanging features after cleaning.

Safety Comes First

Performing hard-to-reach cleaning might put your safety at risk when not using the appropriate safety measures & equipment. Keep yourself & your family safe using eyewear protection, rubber gloves, a ladder in good condition & face mask if needed. Also, avoid uncomfortable postures or keeping the same position for extended periods as it can cause injuries.

If you’re not able to follow or are unable to perform these tasks, we recommend you hire professional services to keep your home clean & healthy.

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