Is DIY Pressure Washing Dangerous?

DIY pressure washing is a complicated cleaning method when doing without previous experience. You may find some disadvantages, and you will be exposed to potential risks. Worth mentioning, not all surfaces need the same amount of pressure volume, and you can damage your furniture if using the incorrect method. 

You will have to rent or buy expensive power washing machines with various jets and extensions to help you get into higher places. A small pressure washing machine may need more equipment, and ladders are not an option. Find out some potentially dangerous situations that can arise in some circumstances. 

Potential Risks of DIY Pressure Washing 

  • Physical Damage

People usually underestimate the power of a pressure washing machine and tend to believe it is like a big garden hose and it is not. Maintaining the balance when using it is complicated, so is the chance of a runway hose. Even when using boots or gloves, it can cause physical injuries striping away your skin. 

Also, something important to know is that if you have cut yourself and decide to continue using your pressure washer; chemicals from the machine can easily be transmitted into the bloodstream, which will eventually cause you another serious problem. Other types of physical injuries may be abrasion, blindness and among other injuries. 

  • Electrical Damage: 

Power meters or any electrical cable on the zone should not contact the water; these devices have coverings, but they will probably crack. Eventually, water will contact the systems, resulting in electric shocks and fire in the worst circumstances. 

  • Furniture Damage: 

There are some things and spaces in your home that are not recommended for a power washer. Those are windows, lights, shingles, or bricks. If you touch those for any circumstance, you may break them, resulting in expensive repairs. Also, they will fall out from their places, which increases the amount of damaged furniture or even harm you or others around.

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