8 Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

Pressure washing or power washing services are designed to spray water on volumes of gallons or liters per minute. You have to manage the volume and method according to the type of surfaces you will wash. Find out which are the things or places that you should never pressure wash. 

  • Power Meters: 

Although these artifacts usually have metal covers or transparent glasses that protect them from sleet, snow, or rain. These covers will crack with the machine’s high pressure and eventually damage the electric system, resulting in expensive repairs. 

  • Asphalt Roof: 

The pressure of the machines destroys the asphalt shingles removing granules of the roof and causing leaks. The leaks cause serious damage throughout the house, from structural damages to health illnesses due to mold and mildew.  

  • Gutters: 

The gutter’s structures are not ready to receive the powerful pressure of a power washer machine, which will lead them to fall off the house and damage the downspout. You may better clean them by hand. 

  • Brick Walls: 

Chipped and crumbling bricks and mortars should be avoided by pressure washing. Even if the machine can be regulated, it is unknown if those pieces of the wall will resist the pressure. It may potentially end up in structural damages. 

  • Lights: 

Glass, panes, or bulbs are usually not resistant to pressure, and it is worse with water because even if those are not cracked, they will seep through the internal electrical components. You better not try under any circumstance to clean them with power washing machines. 

  • Air Conditioners: 

These systems have metal fins covers that filter the air; the power washing machines may bend or crush them, decreasing or completely restricting the airflow into the unit. You may consider using a garden hose instead. 

  • Lead Paint: 

Lead paint is toxic and dangerous; pressure washing may damage, crack, and strip the paint. Which means that paint particles will fly through the air. It is risky for you to breathe it, and the disaster will surround all the area. 

  • Windows: 

Glass surfaces are not recommended at all due to the high volume of pressure that the machines have. It may break them and send the glass flying, the water into your house, and damaging infrastructure in the process.

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